Ihr Versicherungsspezialist - von Architekten für Architekten und Ingenieure

Professional insurance cover for architects

  • Versicherung
  • Berufshaftpflicht
  • Professional liability insurance for a single project

Professional liability insurance for a single project


  • Coinsurance of damages resulting out of the violation of copyrights
  • Coinsurance of damages through the use of building-software
  • Coinsurance of the activity as “general planner”
  • Criminal-law protection
  • Coverage in foreign countries (limited to the countries of the EU)
  • Coinsurance of data breaches

The calculation of the contribution results from:

  • The insured scope of services / your activities
  • The favored insurance sums for personal- and physical + financial damages
  • The amount of the elected excess
  • The construction sum of the project (partial construction sum for a specialist engineer or chargeable costs)

Insurance coverage exists for violations, which are committed by the policy holder (insurant) in the period of  begin and end of the insurance contract within the framework of the insured scope of works.

What is excluded?

Generally, activities which are not excluded are insured.

Some important exclusions:

  • Intention
  • Guarantee
  • Industrial activity (property developer, general contractor)
  • Claims of family members in common households and claims of several insurance holders among each other
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